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Ncell top up - Ncell Recharge - Ncell Balance Transfer - Ncell Rechage Card - Ncell Credit - Ncell top up online - How to add ncell credit

Ncell Top Up

Here are the most popular ways to recharge your ncell sim card.

1. Recharge Card
This is the most popular ways till now in Nepal, you can find recharge cards almost in every village and town in Nepal

Just Scratch the pin number in the scratch card and top up through ussd or sms

you can dial *102*Pin number# and call

2. VFT

This is Virtual Fund transfer.
This is pin less transfer service, this is available in Ncell authorised Ncell center, ncell shop, and pos

3. Online Top Up

Now online top up is in the rise, just need to provide the number and different shop will recharge your number using e banking, and e wallet.

if you have any e wallet account of Nepal you can do it your self.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to top up Nepal Mobile Online - Ncell top up - Buy Credit for your phone - Mobile e top up Nepal - Nepal Sim Card Recharge Card Online - Nepal Telecom Top Up - Mobile Cash Card - Flexi

How to top up Nepal Mobile ?

Well, it was a waste of time for many people before but now everybody can top up their mobile phone easily, and it is pin less no hassle any more just in put your number, send order confirm the payment online using e wallet like Paypal or VISA Card, Master Card or international Debit Credit Card.

Top up from anywhere you just need internet connection. Its easy its instant its e way.

It is really an easier way now, you don't have the hassle to search long time and find recharge card shop. Now you can top up online using use paypal credit or your Debit or Credit Card to Top Up your mobile phones. Ncell top up, Ncell balance transfer, ncell recharge card, ncell data card is easier and more convenient. NTC top up, NTC balance transfer, NTC recharge card is an easy way now. Get it everything done instantly.

You can even subscribe internet, pay land line bill, pay postpaid mobile bill, buy utl recharge card, buy wifi package and many more....

What is the rule to buy a sim card in Nepal ?

There are some rule to buy a Sim Card in Nepal. Due to the mobile threatening and crime related issues it is the obligatory rules here in Nepal to Provide Required Documents and information along with the application form. According to the telecom company there is slightly strict and loose rules to buy a Nepali Sim Card.
Nepal Telecom state own telecom company is in the top of the race to ask the genuine copy of passport or government issued identification while Ncell accept with only the photocopy of the documents and UTL is more liberal in some conditions.

Required Documents Are

1. A copy of Valid Passport to the Foreigner with Valid Visa
2. A copy of Valid government issued identification document containing photo
3. Self Signed and Submitted Authorized Application form of the Applicant
4. Finger Print stamp in the Form
5. A Copy of Passport Size Photo with both ear seen

Mainly there are three Major Telecoms in Nepal

NTC Nepal Telecom (Before it was Nepal Telecom Authority)
A government run telecom company.
Company Provide GSM and CDMA along with Wi Max

Ncell Ncell Private Limited (Before it Was Mero Mobile)
A Telea Sonera Company
Private Telecom Company run  by Europe Based Form

UTL Untied Telecom Limited
An Indian Joint Venture Private Company
Only Sales CDMA Mobile Phones and CDMA Fixed Phone

1. A photocopy of Nepali Citizenship Card/Passport/Driving License/ID Card (If employed in Government. office) - any one document mentioned above.

2. Applicant must bring the original copy of the document attached with the sub Subscription form for verification.    –

3 For Minor to prove or support identification and a photocopy of the citizenship of minor's father or guardian  valid signature taken in presence of an authorized personnel.

4. For foreign citizens, a photocopy of passport and duly endorsed valid visa is required.. A passport size photograph with both ears clearly visible is needed and the applicant should sign on.

5. Applicantt declare names of his/her three immediate previous generations permanent and temporary' addresses.

6. In case of fraud declaration of the address or other details, Telecom has right to refuse-the mobile service and if the service is already provided then the service will be-discontinued any time without prior notice.

 7. All rights related to rendering of the mobile service to an individual or a company will be solely reserved


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4G Sim Card in Nepal still a dream vs reality

Nepal Telecom (NT) is launching the 4G WiMAX IEEE 802.16e service first time in Nepal. Nepal Telecom proudly offers WiMAX broadband internet service. WiMAX service is available throughout the country. This wimax is only for internet surfing through its own cpe.

Currently Both national wide telecom Nepal telecom and Ncell are in the race but still not sure which will top the race.

Currently both telecom offers 3G sim card in Nepal but 4G Network and 4G compatible sim card is still a dream away.

3G Service (WCDMA Service)

To fulfill the ever growing demands and to browse and access the web pages like video based programs (Live TV browsing) NT installed WCDMA based 3G system which offers 384 kbps of downloading and 64kbps of uploading data speed.

Nepal Telecom (NT), Nepal’s largest telecommunication provider, is planning to launch fourth generation (4G) technology mobile service within a year. The company has begun negotiations with the concerned companies to upgrade its technology for launching 4G technologies.
Besides, the state-owned telecom giant also plans to add 10 million mobile lines across the country.
Talking to The Rising Nepal, Gunakeshari Pradhan, Joint Spokesperson at the NT, said that the preparations to upgrade the existing mobile service into 4G technology were underway.
She informed that the company has begun negotiations with the two Chinese companies for upgrading its technologies.
She, however, said that the finalisation of the deal was yet to be completed.
"The NT has been working to distribute 100,000 4G SIMs to its customers at the beginning. We are working to add 40BTS towers for upgrading the technology," she said adding, "For this, the company has been dealing with ZTE and Huawei Technologies, two Chinese companies to expand its services in the country."
According to NT, 4G service will have high speed data services of 32 mbps to 45 mbps. In telecommunications, 4G is the fourth generation of cellular mobile communications standards.
It is a successor of the third generation (3G) standards. A 4G system provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access, for example to laptops with USB wireless modems, to smartphones, and to other mobile devices. Conceivable applications include amended mobile web access, IP telephony, gaming services, high-definition mobile TV, video conferencing and 3D television.
NT plans to completely re-design the network in the Kathmandu Valley to address problems related to its service quality.
Similarly, networks will be built in major cities like Biratnagar, Birgunj, Pokhara and Nepalgunj for 4G services with a priority on data and voice services. The project is expected to be completed by 2015.
Likewise, the NT has planned to increase its subscribers to 10 million. Similarly, the company has planned to improve the services of its 3G and 2.5G technologies.
Currently, 3G service is available in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Telecom has about 50 thousands 3G subscribers.
NT also plans to upgrade its CDMA network to an internet protocol (IP) CDMA network, so as to improve the quality of voice and data services. Telecom is also planning to distribute 2 million IP CDMA technology to its news subscribers within six months, she informed.

Nepal Telecom will use 4G equipment from Airspan Networks for the deployment of a network connecting 58 municipalities and 3,915 villages spread across Nepal.
Airspan said the network will run in the 2.3-2.4 gigahertz band, and include its Air4G high-power macro base station. The deployment process is expected to conclude within 360 days of contract signing.
Amar Nath Singh, managing director of Nepal Telecom, said: “After careful evaluation of several competing technologies, we found Airspan to offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution that would enable us to meet the deployment schedule requirements and deliver the promised capacity and throughput.”
Nepal Telecom has 520,000 fixed lines, 1.1 million GSM users and 48,000 CDMA users. The new network will facilitate high-speed data services to numerous households and businesses, said Airspan

Now this is the another telecom in the race to offer 4G compatible sim card in Nepal but Still a long way  
  TeliaSonera -- the parent company of Ncell -- has unveiled a plan of upgrading its network in Nepal with 4G technology provided that it recieves license and spectrum from the government. Officials of TeliaSonera unveiled the plan during the Mobile World Congress that kick-started here on Monday.

The 4G technology provides faster data speed, high-quality video conferencing and faster internet access.

“I can’t exactly say the date. But if we get permission and spectrum in Nepal, we are positive to operate the service,” said Håkan Dahlström, head of TeliaSonera’s Mobility Services. 

Addressing a press meet in Barcelona on Tuesday, he said the 4G technology was the best medium for high speed internet.

Ncell - the first private mobile operator in Nepal - had launched 3G service at the highest altitude in the world in October last year. Overwhelmed with the response that it received after the launch of 3G service in the Everest region, the company is expecting positive response with the launch of 4G service in Nepal.

After Ncell upgrades its network with 4G technology, its customers can enjoy live telecast without any interruption. The technology is mainly popular for video conferencing and high speed internet.

TeliaSonera has unveiled its plan of launching 4G service in most of the European countries by 2011. Officials said that in the case of Nepal, the service will be made available by 2012.

A few months ago, Ncell had approached Nepal Telecom Authority - the telecom service regulator - for spectrum and license for 4G operation. NTA has yet to respond to Ncell’s request. The delay in NTA proceedings means Nepalis will need to wait some more time to enjoy 4G service.

TeliaSonera has already upgraded its network with 4G technology in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Internet service through 4G technology offers bandwidth of 10 to 100 MB per second. European countries using this technology are providing 30 GB internet at 60 euros.

Ncell plans to cover 90 percent of the total population by the end of this year and invest $100 million this year. It presently covers 85 percent of total population. The company is also planning to introduce value added services in new sectors this year.

Along with Nepal, TeliaSonera operates mobile service in Cambodia, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tazakhstan and others.

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Iphone 5S and 5C compatible Sim Card in Nepal

 Ncell 3G GSM, NTC 3G GSM and CDMA Normal sim card are available easily so it is better to carefully cut the sim card and convert it to a Nano Sim Card. After carefully cutting the Normal sim card you can easily use on Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C

Please Find the details how to use Normal Nepal Sim card to nano Sim card for iphone 5S and Iphone 5C

The prepaid Nepal SIM card with an international cell phone is the most convenient and affordable calling solution while you travel Nepal. Your Nepal SIM card and Nepal cell phone service is prepaid so there is no need for a contract.



Nepal SIM Card (NCELL and NTC GSM And CDMA) Highlights   

     Make calls:    

     Receive calls:    

     Send text messages:    

     Receive text messages: free   

     Prepaid Data:    



Key Features   

     Local Nepal (+977) cell phone number    

     Superior coverage    

     No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check    

     Only standard-sized SIMs available


Please Note:

Your Nepal SIM Card (Ncell) will require a SIM-unlocked GSM 900 and 1800 and CDMA. If you do not have your own international cell phone, we have several models available for rental and purchase.

If you have a locked compatible GSM phone, you can easily unlock it. To do so, visit

Micro and Nano SIMs are available upon request during the checkout. Micro and Nano SIMs may be cut out of a regular sized SIM to meet your order request.   

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now Nano Sim is availiable easily in nepal.

Dear Visitors,

Now nano sim card for iphone 5 is easily available in Nepal, specially for traveler sim cards can be delivered to there hotel room as well just give a call from hotel to the mobile number 9813901390 . For the traveller's covinience we are just next door in the same at the right side when entering through Kathmandu, guest house  gate.

Special Sim Card Services are as follows

1. All Sim Card Normal Sim Card, Micro Sim Card, Nano Sim Card are availiable with 3G Service we can also supply NTC SIM CARD and CDMA sim card UTL for CDMA handsetss
2. All types of phones can be unlocked iphone series Iphone 2, Iphone 3G, Iphone 3GS, Iphone 4, Iphone 4S and Iphone 5.
3. We unlock all types of Phones including Iphone 5 unlock, Iphone 4S Unlock, Iphone 4 Unlock
4. Samsung Galaxy S3,  Nokia, HTC and all other series mobile are unlocked.
5. Also You can buy brand new phone set with 1 year warranty on rs 2500 only.
6. QWERTY phone with 1 Yr warranty rs 3000 only
7. Hotel, Guest House or Home Delivery Service is Free, We can deliver to traveler's hotel address just call and inform us about the requirements Cell Phone Number is 9813901390
8. 3G data card service is very good in the cities and also works in mountains and ebc and abc route with gprs connectivity.


Iphone 5 Nano Sim Card in Nepal

Iphone 5, Nano Sim card works great in Nepal. Currently Ncell has brought Nano Sim to its customers but sim cards from other companies like NTC also works great with Iphone 5. With the help of the sim cutter normal sim works great with all models of iphone.