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Sim Card in Nepal - Compare Sim Cards - Which Sim Card is Best Namaste or Ncell - Sim Card network Signal and Coverage in Nepal

In Nepal there are major 2 telecom companies one is own by the government operated by Nepal Telecom they sale Namaste Sim Card Prepaid, Namaste Sim Card Postpaid, CDMA Sim Cards Prepaid and postpaid with data and voice, Sky Pro, Evdo. Beyond mobile sim cards they have regular land line, ADSL internet and various telecom services. Nepal telecom is the only company in Nepal providing various types of telecom services together under one company Nepal Telcom formerlly NTC Nepal Telecom Authority.

Though telecom services in Nepal was only allowed by government latter government allowed private and international companies the most successful company to catch this offer is Ncell formerly Mero Mobile. Ncell is private company own by Teleia Sonera an European Company. Currently Ncell hold the major GSM Market and Users. Ncell has the wide data users  because of its easily availability and simplicity to use.

Here is the short comparison between Nepal Telecom (NT) and Ncell Sim Cards available in Nepal.

Nepal Telecom, NT, NTC
Ncell, Mero Mobile, Spice Nepal
Compatible Network
Simplicity in Use
Network Availability
Good in Major Cities, Best in Villages and rural area CDMA covers almost all districts of Nepal.
Very Good in City
National Calling Cost
International Calling
Cheaper 1424
Hong Kong
And All other Counties
Cheaper in Europe & USA
Expensive to Some less call out going countries
National Roaming
National in coming
International in coming
Good but Need to recharge regularly
Unlimited validity if you use it regularly but expire faster though you have enough balance
Customer service - Support
Very Good
Majority Owned by
Nepal Government
Private European - Teleia Sonera

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iPhone Unlock - iPhone 5S - iPhone 5C - iPhone 4s - iPhone 4 - iPhone 3GS - iPhone 3 - Use Ncell, Namaste NTC, Sky CDMA, UTL Sim Card

You can unlock almost any phone from any carriers but few of them are extremely difficult and expensive.
iPhone is most desired phone so because of big market, its solution also has big market so the price goes cheaper.
Network lock, SIM lock is a capability built into GSM phones by mobile phone manufacturers. Network providers use this capability to restrict the use of these phones to specific countries & network providers.

The most common and best solution to unlock iPhone is using the Gevey Sim and its alternatives like R-Sim,
it will works with iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone5S. It doesn't voids your warranty.

You can also convert any iphone 4S - 5 - 5c - 5S. You Can convert to GSM to CDMA or CDMA to GSM. It doesn't voids your warranty.

Factory Unlock is permanent solution to unlock iphone.
Normally factory unlock is expensive.

Namaste top up - NTC Recharge - NTC Balance Transfer - NTC Rechage Card -NTC Credit - Namaste top up online - How to add NTC credit

Namaste top up - NTC Recharge - NTC Balance Transfer - NTC Rechage Card -NTC  Credit - Namaste top up online - How to add NTC credit - Namase 3G - Namaste 4G


Nepal Telecom welcomes you to the digital world of mobile technology. In the field of Telecommunications, Nepal Telecom has been the trusted partner of the people of Nepal since 2032. Among many valuable services provided by Nepal Telecom, "Namaste" is the Pre-Paid mobile service launched recently in order to easily make available the latest technology within the grasp of common.

Congratulations to you for being the proud owner of "NAMASTE".

The Starter Pack Contains:
  • Welcome letter with SIM serial number, Mobile phone number, PIN/PUK numbers and security code.
  • This User's Guide.
  • Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.
(With preloaded airtime of Rs. 100.00 and Active period of 1 months )
Since you pay for your mobile phone calls in advance, with "Namaste" you can control your call expenses.

You will also enjoy a world of convenience with:
  • Instant Access
  • No deposits
  • No bills
  • International Dialing (ISD ):
    Pre-Paid subscribers are provided with this facility at the time of purchase.
  • National Roaming:
    Subscribers can go to any place and make or receive call wherever the mobile network of NEPAL TELECOM is present.
  • "Namaste" basic features (Voice call, SMS and Unconditional call forwarding)
  • User friendly languages in English and Nepali.

Important Numbers:

1414 : To recharge your account, query balance and expiry dates.
1498 : "Namaste" Customer Care Service for Pre-paid related complaints and information.
011614 : To divert your calls to NEPAL TELECOM Mobile Voice Mail System (VMS).
011616 : To check/retrieve messages and for Mailbox management.

Getting started

Your "Namaste" account is instantly activated when you make your first call. Either you can dial 1414 or any other number for the first call. Your first call will be diverted to NEPAL TELECOM Management Centre and you will hear voice prompt from our system. Along with the "Namaste" service information, you will be given the option of choosing the language (English or Nepali) at this time. Make choice according to your need.

After the release of this call you can use the "Namaste" service.
Note: Please keep in mind to select your language option (English or Nepali) at the time of activation of your "Namaste" account. You can not change the language by yourself after your account is activated. If you wish to change your language after activating your account, you have to dial 1498 and ask for it or contact NEPAL TELECOM customer care centre.

Making & Receiving calls

It is no different for "Namaste". You can make and receive calls just like any normal mobile phone.
You will be able to make calls, as long as your account is not expired or you have balance amount remaining in your "Namaste" account.

Note: Please refer to your mobile phone manual for details on how to make and receive calls.

How "Namaste" works

As you make a call using "Namaste", the cost of the call is automatically deducted from your account. This deduction includes the rate of call with all the taxes involved.
To replenish your "Namaste" account, all you have to do is call 1414 and recharge your account by using a recharge card.

States Of "Namaste" Subscriber

  1. IDLE When Pre-Paid SIM card is purchased, it is in this state until it makes one call. In this state, the subscriber is not registered to the system and hence can not make or receive any call.

  2. ACTIVE When a first call is made from a Pre-Paid SIM card, its state changes from Idle to Active. In the beginning, Rs. 100 is automatically added to its account and the validity period of 1 month is given. This is the working state of subscriber. The subscriber will remain Active as long as its account is recharged regularly.

  3. SUSPEND When the Active period of Pre-paid subscriber is finished, it goes into Suspend state. In this state, no voice call can be made or received even if there is remaining balance amount in the account. The subscriber can dial only the management number (1414 ) for recharge and balance query but can receive Short Messages. This period is 15 days and if subscriber recharges its account, the state is changed to Active and the remaining balance is also transferred.

  4. DISABLE When subscriber fails to recharge its account within Suspend period, its state is changed to Disable. Then pre-paid subscriber�s account balance will be reset to ZERO and can not make or receive any call except 1414 for recharge. This period is 30 days. The pre-paid account has to be recharged within this period if subscriber wants to retain the account (MSISDN). After this period, the number is permanently deleted from the system.

Account balance query:

"Namaste" subscribers can check their account balance by themselves. To check the account balance:
  • Dial 1414 and listen.
  • Press 2 and listen. Then press 1 again for account balance query.
  • Each time you recharge your account, the system will inform you of your new account balance and expiry date.
  • OR Dial *400#.

Note: You will receive SMS reminder for recharging your account when your account balance becomes less than Rs.50. When your balance will be less than Rs.25, you will again be reminded through SMS. If you choose not to recharge your account now, then every time you try to make a call, you will hear reminder for recharging before the call setup. You can continue to use your phone until your account balance becomes zero. A reminder tone (beep tone) will be heard when you have 15 seconds of call time remaining.

Recharge Cards

Recharge cards are available in five denominations of RS. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs.500 and Rs.1000. The costs of these cards are Rs.50, Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs.500 and Rs.1000 respectively. click here to view the recharge card validity

Recharge cards contain 13 and 14 digits PIN which is covered with Black Ink for security. You have to use this PIN for recharging your account. Please do not purchase the card, if the ink is tampered

How to recharge your account?

  • Gently scratch the masking off the back of your recharge card to reveal 13 digits PIN.
  • Dial 1414 from your own Pre-Paid mobile phone and listen.
  • Press 1 and listen.
  • When system ask to enter the PIN number of the recharge card, enter all the 13 digits of your recharge card PIN correctly and listen. You do not have to press any other key or number after PIN entry. After the successful recharge, you will be informed of your new account balance and validity period.
  • Alternately, customer can recharge by dialing *411* thirteen digit pins# and press call key

Things to be remembered while recharging your account

  1. Always remember to use your own mobile phone (with your own Pre-Paid SIM card) for Recharge.

  2. Do not pause for more than 2 seconds (approximately) while entering the digits of PIN number. If paused longer, system will stop taking your entry and consider the PIN number as invalid.

  3. Your recharge card can be used only once to recharge an account. If you try to enter the PIN numbers of the used recharge card or incorrect PIN numbers, your attempts will be failed and account will not be updated. If such attempts are made carelessly, your account (mobile number) will be BLACKLISTED. After that, you will not be able to make or receive any call. Thus, you should be careful while entering the PIN of recharge card. Listen carefully to the instructions given while recharging.

  4. Pre-paid account can accumulate maximum balance of Rs. 5000 only. Further recharge of the account is not allowed till the account balance less than or equal to the face value of the recharge card is used up i.e. If the face value is Rs 500, then until the balance becomes less than or equal to Rs 4500, you can not recharge. Also the maximum Active day that a pre-paid account can accumulate is 730 days. For instance, if an account with Active days 720 and rechargeable balance (e.g. Rs.3500) recharge by using recharge card with face value Rs.500, the amount equals to face value of the card will be added(i.e. new balance will be Rs.4000) but only 10 days will be added to Active days of 720 instead of 6 months.

PIN1/PUK1 and PIN2/PUK2 numbers:

These are special numbers provided to you with your welcome package at the time of purchase of new SIM card. Please keep them safe for use when required.

If you make wrong entry of PIN 3 times, your SIM will be locked and will ask you for PUK number. Take great care while entering PUK because, if PUK entry is wrong for 10 times, the SIM card will be damaged permanently.

Security Code:

This code is the Identification of Pre-Paid mobile subscriber. This is also provided with your welcome package at the time of purchase of new SIM card. If your mobile is lost, we advise you to Block your account so that others can not misuse it. For that, dial 1498 and ask to block your Pre-paid account by giving your security code. In case, you find your mobile again, you can un-Block your account by giving the same security code.

Since the Welcome Letter given at the time of purchase of new SIM card contains the above vital information like PIN, PUK and security code, we advise you to keep it safely.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Nepal Telecom starts selling Namaste GSM and Sky CDMA sim cards from private counters, Nepal Sim Cards battle Starts...

Neapl Telecom, Government won company starts selling Sim Cards form outsourced private companies from 8th May. This is a move to ensure easy availability of mobile connections to prospective customers. In another option outsourced private firms will also sell mobile handsets bundled with the SIM.

Ncell- the private telco has been selling GSM SIM in such an easy way from many years, which is the major reason behind the huge no.of Ncell sim card distribution, Now Nepal Telecom is also in the battle field to start the sensation.

Previously NT used to distribute SIM cards only from their office during office hours which was not that convenient for the prospective customers. Now with this move, NT Sim cards will be available from private counters in different areas of Kathmandu, which is a major step in removing the hassles for a customer and having broad availability of the SIM in holidays and odd hours.  In the first step, some recharge card dealers are asked to do the SIM distribution with their own counters in different parts of the city, which will be also be provided later to MPOS dealers and handset bundling firms. Such distribution will also be done in other parts of the country after Kathmandu.

This is the first time the state company is all set to seek support of private companies to sell mobile lines. Two months ago, NT outsourced two firms to sell its WiMax broadband internet service. It has also outsourced its enquiry service and mobile tower maintenance, but in a small scale.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ncell top up - Ncell Recharge - Ncell Balance Transfer - Ncell Rechage Card - Ncell Credit - Ncell top up online - How to add ncell credit

Ncell Top Up

Here are the most popular ways to recharge your ncell sim card.

1. Recharge Card
This is the most popular ways till now in Nepal, you can find recharge cards almost in every village and town in Nepal

Just Scratch the pin number in the scratch card and top up through ussd or sms

you can dial *102*Pin number# and call

2. VFT

This is Virtual Fund transfer.
This is pin less transfer service, this is available in Ncell authorised Ncell center, ncell shop, and pos

3. Online Top Up

Now online top up is in the rise, just need to provide the number and different shop will recharge your number using e banking, and e wallet.

if you have any e wallet account of Nepal you can do it your self.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to top up Nepal Mobile Online - Ncell top up - Buy Credit for your phone - Mobile e top up Nepal - Nepal Sim Card Recharge Card Online - Nepal Telecom Top Up - Mobile Cash Card - Flexi

How to top up Nepal Mobile ?

Well, it was a waste of time for many people before but now everybody can top up their mobile phone easily, and it is pin less no hassle any more just in put your number, send order confirm the payment online using e wallet like Paypal or VISA Card, Master Card or international Debit Credit Card.

Top up from anywhere you just need internet connection. Its easy its instant its e way.

It is really an easier way now, you don't have the hassle to search long time and find recharge card shop. Now you can top up online using use paypal credit or your Debit or Credit Card to Top Up your mobile phones. Ncell top up, Ncell balance transfer, ncell recharge card, ncell data card is easier and more convenient. NTC top up, NTC balance transfer, NTC recharge card is an easy way now. Get it everything done instantly.

You can even subscribe internet, pay land line bill, pay postpaid mobile bill, buy utl recharge card, buy wifi package and many more....

What is the rule to buy a sim card in Nepal ?

There are some rule to buy a Sim Card in Nepal. Due to the mobile threatening and crime related issues it is the obligatory rules here in Nepal to Provide Required Documents and information along with the application form. According to the telecom company there is slightly strict and loose rules to buy a Nepali Sim Card.
Nepal Telecom state own telecom company is in the top of the race to ask the genuine copy of passport or government issued identification while Ncell accept with only the photocopy of the documents and UTL is more liberal in some conditions.

Required Documents Are

1. A copy of Valid Passport to the Foreigner with Valid Visa
2. A copy of Valid government issued identification document containing photo
3. Self Signed and Submitted Authorized Application form of the Applicant
4. Finger Print stamp in the Form
5. A Copy of Passport Size Photo with both ear seen

Mainly there are three Major Telecoms in Nepal

NTC Nepal Telecom (Before it was Nepal Telecom Authority)
A government run telecom company.
Company Provide GSM and CDMA along with Wi Max

Ncell Ncell Private Limited (Before it Was Mero Mobile)
A Telea Sonera Company
Private Telecom Company run  by Europe Based Form

UTL Untied Telecom Limited
An Indian Joint Venture Private Company
Only Sales CDMA Mobile Phones and CDMA Fixed Phone

1. A photocopy of Nepali Citizenship Card/Passport/Driving License/ID Card (If employed in Government. office) - any one document mentioned above.

2. Applicant must bring the original copy of the document attached with the sub Subscription form for verification.    –

3 For Minor to prove or support identification and a photocopy of the citizenship of minor's father or guardian  valid signature taken in presence of an authorized personnel.

4. For foreign citizens, a photocopy of passport and duly endorsed valid visa is required.. A passport size photograph with both ears clearly visible is needed and the applicant should sign on.

5. Applicantt declare names of his/her three immediate previous generations permanent and temporary' addresses.

6. In case of fraud declaration of the address or other details, Telecom has right to refuse-the mobile service and if the service is already provided then the service will be-discontinued any time without prior notice.

 7. All rights related to rendering of the mobile service to an individual or a company will be solely reserved